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    HICO Wealth Foundation
    Earn rewards by investing in your health!
    Our solution offers tangible health benefits and real-world digital assets

Our Vision

Our aim is to promote our global health vision by 1) investing in the health and wellbeing of all individuals through an incentive-based system and 2) forming strategic alliances with health-based platforms

Our Mission

We work towards improving global health by developing health software protocols. We believe in inspiring healthier practices in individuals to promote better and more active lifestyles

HICO Wealth Foundation - Your Health Partner

Traditional health care system is not only expensive and burdensome for the individual but also for the economy of a nation as well. This is where HICO Wealth Foundation assist individuals and governments, insurance providers and authorities that are interested in keeping their members/citizens healthy to keep a check on ballooning healthcare costs.
HICO Wealth Foundation intends to make the world a better place by combining the knowledge of science and engineering. The actions taken by the individual to improve their health are irrevocably recorded on a blockchain as a quantifiable value called the HICO score. This score is encompassed within the Health Capital Model, which is the intellectual property of Playpal Corp., HICO Foundation’s very first Partner. The Foundation embodies the monetary dimension this model by issuing Health Tokens to users via Playpal, as a reward for healthy actions taken.

Our Purpose

Health Capital Model

We strive to ensure that individuals build on their commodity of "good health." Like our Partner - Playpal Corp.- we believe that health is a durable capital stock that produces an output of healthy time, which can be mapped into a digital asset of real-world value, i.e. our Health tokens.

Our purpose is to encourage and incentivize people to invest in their initial stock of health, which depreciates with age. Our framework gives people full control over how they manage, utilize and capitalize on their health data, and enables them to build and profit from their health capital, regardless of socioeconomic background.

How We Bring it All Together

Health blockchain with a Modular Approach

Our decentralized open-source blockchain protocol enables the circulation of our Health Tokens into health-ecosystems created by our Partners. These ecosystems can then be used to make Health Tokens transactions between users, health service providers and fitness product brands. Our stakeholders can also use our tokens as an accounting unit to achieve greater security and standardization of payment and transactions.
By introducing the Health Tokens as a new digital asset with real-world value, we are able to provide emotional and value-based rationales that help people achieve their health goals. Being healthy now comes with the added benefit of earning digital currency to motivate you to reach your health and fitness goals!

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Our Partners

We have partnered with Playpal Corp., a health-tech company that has leveraged machine learning and advanced AI algorithms to create a health platform that draws on vast amounts of available medical and health information to provide customized health advice and incentives to optimize individuals’ health capital and reduce the cost of healthcare.

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